Tue, 30 May 2023

Ottawa [Canada], March 21 (ANI): Intelligence leaks have described ways in which the Chinese government tried to tamper with Canadian elections. Leaked documents from the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) have revealed the ways in which the Chinese government has attempted to tamper with Canadian elections, Asian Times reported.

This gives support to a number of allegations regarding the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) behaviour that have been circulating for years. This includes the Conservative Party of Canada's claim that the interference cost it seats in the 2021 federal election, along with allegations about the operation of illegal "police stations" used by China to gather information on the Chinese diaspora in Canada, Asian Times reported.

Because the leaks tend to emphasize how the federal Liberals benefited from Chinese interference, the intelligence leak could be a politically motivated attempt by elements within CSIS to bring down the current government.

The leaks have substantial political implications. Both the Conservatives and NDP have called for a full public inquiry into the full picture of Beijing's meddling, Asian Times reported.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has announced that the government will appoint a "special rapporteur" who will work with two national security committees to probe the details of the controversy, Asian Times reported.

The allegations not only raise questions about the integrity of Canadian democracy itself, but also the complicity of the government in not properly addressing it and the appearance that the Liberals deliberately underplayed, denied or buried allegations of interference because they benefited from it, Asian Times reported.

Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau and his staff were briefed on multiple occasions about indications of Chinese interference as it was happening in both the 2019 and 2021 elections, Asian Times reported.

The governing party is in crisis mode, reeling from intelligence leaks that it did not anticipate. Trudeau effectively denied the seriousness of the reports and attacked any opponents as being racially motivated -- to now succumbing to pressure for further investigations, Asian Times reported.

The leakage of Intelligence documents is a deeply concerning crisis of national security for Canada. Evidence of Chinese interference raises serious questions about the entire legitimacy of our electoral process, Asian Times reported.

Reports show that Beijing employed significant resources in personal financing and social media content to influence Canadian voters to advance their specific interests, Asian Times reported.

In 2019 and 2021, this involved working through informal channels to assist the campaigns of several Liberal party candidates.

There are a number of dominant "world powers" that are willing to do whatever it takes to advance their interests, including interfering with the domestic politics of other states, Asian Times reported.

The recent leaks not only prove this is happening in Canada but, more seriously, demonstrate that Canadian security organizations are struggling to find ways to manage it as Chinese interference strategies continue to develop.

The leaks damaged the organization's international credibility and will likely make it more difficult for CSIS to acquire sensitive information. (ANI)

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